Collaborating with talented and vibrant individuals in the entertainment industry is one of the great pleasures of my life. I began my career in technical support at E! Entertainment Television while pursuing acting in Los Angeles. I lucked out and booked some great commercials. On set I quickly identified more with the technical prowess and ingenuity I found behind the camera. Great Directors, DPs, Grips, and Sound Engineers....that is where I found my tribe. I dutifully worked in almost every department as an assistant.

I then made a foray into the world of Casting. This was invaluable. I learned the art of the interview and developed an instinct for talent. With a specialty in real people casting, ie. putting non-actor's in front of the camera with the task of bringing their stories to life, I learned how to work in and around difficult situations. Maintaining a long association with Bunim Murray Television, casting titles such as The Real World for MTV, Bad Girls Club for Oxygen, and more, I can easily say I've interviewed thousands of people. 

The next phase of my career brought me to New York City as an in-house Producer at Digitas. Learning the inner workings of agency life, how creative is conceived, bid, and awarded granted great insight. Here, I was given the opportunity to cast, produce, and direct low budget projects. Building a small but steady body of work, I was then able to make the transition to directing large budget projects.

My association with The Humane Society of United States is so very dear to my heart. The celebrity advocates I directed for these television spots were inspiring, committed, and had poignant perspectives to share about animal rights. I am humbled to have met and worked with these individuals. 

Today, I am pursuing directing roles in order to offer my many years of experience and readiness behind the camera to your project. I will bring hard won talents that temper high stress set situations involving big name celebrities to enlivening real people’s stories even when they feel timid. I insure all parties involved feel supported and gratified by the work.

Contact: christineanisko@gmail.com